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New Version of iFIX HMI/SCADA Software – iFIX 5.8 R2.

GE Digital, a leading industrial software company, released a new version of its HMI/SCADA software. GE HMI/SCADA iFIX 5.8 R2.

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Mona Naturprodukte – MePIS MES System

In Mona Naturprodukte (Mona), the leading Austrian manufacturer of soya based beverages, Metronik and T&G are implementing manufacturing execution IT system MePIS, which offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for managing and optimizing production of soya beverages.

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Company Development

Educational Structure 

Today, Metronik has highly educated and well-trained employees. Its development and project implemetation team consist of more than 90 engineers from the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Professionals at Metronik are dedicated to providing high-level customer support and services.







Company History


1990 Metronik was founded in 1990 starting with the distribution of automation equipment (OPTO 22 and Intellution).

1991 The business was extended towards system integration, a project group was set up and the first projects in the pharmaceutical industry were successfully finished.

1993 Metronik signed a strategic partnerships with GE Fanuc and Honeywell.

1995 A daughter company Metronik Sustavi in Croatia was founded.

1999 A company moved to a new building, the total number of employees grew to 25, Metronik started with distribution GE Energy Industrial Solutions low-voltage components.

2000 Metronik started development of manufacturing information systems.

2002 Metronik implemented quality management system whitch meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

2003 Metronik already employes 50 highly educated professionals. MePIS – high preformance IT solution for production management was launched. Metronik Engineering, new company in Belgrade, Serbia was established.

2007 With its successful and exemplary business Metronik was placed on the prestigious list of the 50 best rated Slovenian companies the second consecutive year (Dun & Bradstreet). The business was extanded on the Bulgarian market by setting up a daugther company Metronik Systems in Sofia .


Metronik Group has reached 20th year of succesful growth with 10,2 million EUR of sales and more then 90 highly educated employees in four countries.

2014 Metronik Group has reached 24th year of succesful growth and achieves sales of 15 mio EUR. It has over 90 highly educated employees. More than 100 successful companies in 10 countries are relying on Metronik solutions.


Date: 04.01.2017

GE Digital, a leading industrial software company, released a new version of its HMI/SCADA software. GE HMI/SCADA iFIX 5.8 R2.

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In 25 years we have successfully finished more than 1000 projects in automation and manufacturing IT.

Metronik project teams consist of more than 70 engineering experts in automation and IT.

We have helped many industrial customers to decrease costs and increase operational performance of their manufacturing.