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Power Management

Primary and secondary equipment for transformer stations as well as power distribution and transmission lines

Due to the complexity of the electric power system (EPS) and close integration of its components as well as the requirement of maintaining balance between the generation and consumption EPS management represents a complex task. Therefore, local and remote control systems and protection of the individual EPS facilities, starting from large power stations to transmission and distribution along with the medium voltage (MV) network on the other side are of great benefit.

Metronik's Energy division is the right partner for automation and construction of power networks since it offers an excellent combination of expertise in power management, protection and HV technology on one side and process automation and IT on the other. Among others Metronik is using relays and RTU equipment by ROCON ( it with SCADA systems designed based on one of the globally most widespread platforms iFix by GE. This way the solutions are cost effective and due to their scalability adaptable to any situation thus providing an optimum solution for the most complex applications.

In cooperation with its partners Metronik can deliver, install and start up also primary equipment thus rounding up the offer by applying the latest technical solutions. In the field of MV switchgears we are cooperating with Ormazabal (

Power Management

Constructing RES Facilities and their Automation, Control and Protection

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are an important development driver in the field of the power management however, times are ahead when it will be necessary to prove their sustainability without subsidies. This is why the approach in constructing RES facility and their equipment is so important. It is often the case that the management system, automation and control solutions by far exceed the purpose and needs therefore contributing that the facilities are non-competitive. This also applies to other components. Therefore, we are offering our clients optimized solutions in this field starting from the selection of the technology through adequate studies and reports to the selection and delivery of equipment and automation.

The Metronik Energy Division offers comprehensive solutions for the automation and remote control of small and medium hydro power plants as well as LV and MV electrical equipment and protection system for such hydro power plants. The systems are offered both for island operating power plants as well as those connected to the distribution network.

Power Management

Effective Energy Use and Consumption Control (Demand Side Management)

The electric power system (EPS) has to be sized in order to support maximum loads. Therefore its use is at optimum level when the load is approximately constant throughout the day or years. This way the cost of the EPS is reduced. Since the power market is open already today the use of such systems enables consumers to create new non-standard and more cost effective products in cooperation with electric power suppliers thus reducing the cost for electrical energy. The systems are physically implemented by using industrial automation equipment while for smaller consumers with lower energy cost smaller dedicated controllers can be put in place.

Of course, suppliers can profit from Metronik’s expertise in reducing power consumption, in particularly in the field of electric power.




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Date: 23.02.2018

Company IKEA has despite strong international competition selected Metronik as the most suitable HVAC system integrator.

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