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Company IKEA chose Metronik as its HVAC system integrator

Company IKEA has despite strong international competition selected Metronik as the most suitable HVAC system integrator.

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Metronik attended Pharma Serialisation &Traceability Conference 2017 in Vienna, Austria

Metronik, as one of the leading software company and solution provider for manufacturing intelligence and automation in the life science industry in Europe, was one of the main sponsors and exhibitors at the Pharma Serialization & Traceability conference 2017.

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Honeywell – Building Automation Systems

Honeywell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and system solutions in the field of building automation and home automation. Honeywell product range includes all the necessary equipment to implement automation systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as equipment for other mechanical and electrical installations in buildings.

Honeywell offers a range of solutions that can be adapted to the requirements of the building – the solution for individual apartments and houses to integrated solutions for automation systems in large commercial, commercial buildings and hotels.


Centraline EAGLE



eagleEAGLE is  Ethernet-based, freely-programmable Building Automation controller offering a combination of BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, and LONWORKS® communication. EAGLE can host a huge variety of building management applications, be it traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, energy management functions, including optimum start/stop, night purge, and maximum load demand, supervisory functions for lighting, sun-blind, heat and energy metering and many other applications.

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Centraline HAWK

Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stranHAWK programmable controller is designed for integration of all HVAC systems (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and non-HVAC systems which are present in a building.

The controller’s processing unit combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and powerfull WEB Server in a small, compact platform. HAWK makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet and presents real time information to users in web-based graphical views.

In addition to powerful software for automation of systems, HAWK supports virtually all protocols that are presently used in building automation (LON, Modbus RTU&TCP, BACnet IP, MSTP, EIB IP, SNMP, M-bus, Z-wave, oBiX) .

Therefore HAWK is an ideal solution for integration of devices with local DDC control (e.g. heat meters, chillers, heat pumps, boiler automation, lighting systems, …), which enables complete automation (control and supervision) of all systems and devices that are installed in modern buildings.

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Centraline LYNX

lynxLYNX is freely-programmable controller designed for  HVAC and room control applications. Each controller contains a host microcontroller to run the main HVAC application and a second microcontroller for BACnet MS/TP network communications. LYNX controller has flexible, universal inputs for external sensors, digital inputs, and a mix of analog and digital  outputs. LYNX controllers provide many options and advanced system features that allow state-of-the-art commercial building control.

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Excel 10 Room Controller (SERVAL)

Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stran4Excel 10 room controllers provide room automation with Lonworks integration into Building Management System. Primarily they are used in heating and cooling applications of rooms in office buildings, hotels and hospitals.

Integrating in the BMS system enables remote parameters monitoring and adjustment of the desired temperature conditions in a particular room or area from a central point as well as implementation of automatic switching of settings according to the occupancy signal, timetables or external application command (e.g. Hotel Information System – Booking System).

Built in and tested control algorithms provide efficient energy consumption while achieving the desired comfort for the occupants.

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Excel 50 (PANTHER)

Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stran5Excel 50 is a control system for smaller individual HVAC systems. Controller provides integrated points for IO control. Limited scalability is possible through distributed Lonworks I/O modules.

Excel 50 controllers feature reliability, robustness and a wide range of embedded and tested application modules for HVAC control which allow optimal control to achieve the desired comfort while providing efficient energy consumption. Integration in the BMS system is performed via Lonworks protocol.

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Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stran1Evohome is a new inovative solution from Honeywell for automation of heating systems in individual residential buildings. Evohome system is equipped with a modern designed touch panel that provides an intuitive interface for parameters setting.

In addition to high level of comfort that is provided by the system, Evohome also has a built in intelligent, self-adaptive control algorithm, which ensures maximum performance with maximum energy savings for the heating.

Evohome central unit is also a wireless zone controller with wireless communication to radiator actuators and floor-heating controllers. As such Evohome allows an easy installation solution for independent temperature control of individual rooms in a house or apartment with multiple schedules.

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Excel 800 (LION)

Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stran3Excel 800 is a modular expandable control system for HVAC systems in large buildings. System enables IO control through local PanelBus input/output modules or distributed control over LonWorks I/O modules.

Excel 800 controller features reliability, robustness and a wide range of embedded and tested application modules for HVAC control which allow optimal control to achieve the desired comfort while providing efficient energy consumption.

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Honeywell – field automation equipment

With field automation equipment Honeywell completes its offering in the building automation market. The sales programme includes all the necessary field control elements that are used in automatic control of the HVAC systems. Most important elements of control are:

  • control valves with electric actuators and damper actuators
  • active and passive sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity and CO2 measurement
  • protective switches and components

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Honeywell – HMI and BMS software solutions



Honeywell_teksti_za_Web_stran6ARENA System software is designed for monitoring and control of HVAC systems in buildings. SymmetrE allows quick and easy integration with Honeywell controllers with pre-developed graphical elements for visualization and control.

The software package includes all the standard features that are needed for building automation monitoring and control, such as SMS alarming, timetables, data archiving and graphs and also remote access from the Internet, which provides the sers an easy and cost-effective solution for building management.

Integration of devices from other manufacturers is possible by the use of standard communication protocols and standards, which are mostly used in Building Automation control – LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and OPC Client driver.

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Date: 23.02.2018

Company IKEA has despite strong international competition selected Metronik as the most suitable HVAC system integrator.

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