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Company IKEA chose Metronik as its HVAC system integrator

Company IKEA has despite strong international competition selected Metronik as the most suitable HVAC system integrator.

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Metronik attended Pharma Serialisation &Traceability Conference 2017 in Vienna, Austria

Metronik, as one of the leading software company and solution provider for manufacturing intelligence and automation in the life science industry in Europe, was one of the main sponsors and exhibitors at the Pharma Serialization & Traceability conference 2017.

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MePIS Energy

mepisenergy_logoMePIS Energy, a software product developed by Metronik, is a valuable IT solution for energy management in industry, infrastructure facilities and buildings.

In any environment, the energy management system can be implemented and supported in the best possible manner by utilizing a powerful toolset included in MePIS Energy. This helps our clients take a systematic approach to energy management and enables them to reduce their energy costs by up to 15% or even more.




MePIS Energy covers all key stages of powerful and successful energy management, providing:

  • Management of energy systems and devices
  • Significant reductions in energy costs
  • Reduction of GHG emissions and associated reporting
  • Compliance with regulations and other criteria for subsidies (e.g. SIST EN 16001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 standards)


MePIS Energy Industry

Industries-ProductionView_Sl_Small_2_SLOThe package is optimized for providing efficient control over energy consumption in production processes.

  • Monitoring, tracking, analyzing and predicting energy consumption and cost per production line, unit, technological process, product, individual production order, etc.
  • Benchmarking, alarming, KPIs, planning and other powerful analytical tools, providing maximum user-friendliness.
  • Automatic or manual acquisition of measurements and consumption-influencing factors (produced quantity, batches, weather, etc.).
  • Full access to accurate and value-adding information through an easy-to-use web application on PCs or mobile devices.


MePIS Energy Buildings

Buildings-Dashboard_Sl_Small_web_SLOA set of features specifically designed for energy management in buildings.

  • Monitoring of energy consumption and overall energy cost.
  • Advanced set of easy-to-use analytical tools for defining energy consumption objectives and monitoring and tracking the progress of their implementation.
  • Energy indicators (KPIs) calculated according to degree days, building area, number of overnight stays, etc.
  • Self-explanatory and extremely helpful performance comparisons among facilities and among acquired values in different time-frames.
  • Ideal solution for users who require specific ambient conditions, such as hospitals, spas, hotels and stores.


MePIS Energy helps effectively, providing you with valuable answers to the following questions:

  • Which units or production lines in the plant are the most energy-intensive and by how much? Where and how big are the energy-money leakages?
  • Is the energy consumption justified (within normal), e.g. what is the specific energy consumption per product as compared to consumption for some other time-frame and/or some other unit?
  • Energy consumption per unit or per building area?
  • How much energy is used during non-working hours – what is the baseline or stand-by consumption in different circumstances?
  • What is the dependence of energy consumption and cost of energy on the weather?
  • How much greenhouse gas is produced?
  • What are the best options available for energy optimization and which relevant actions are required?
  • What investments are reasonable and what is their ROI?
  • … and many other real-life questions: MePIS Energy is there, offering value-adding answers!

MePIS Energy Brochure

For more information please click below:

MePIS Energy Brochure


Date: 23.02.2018

Company IKEA has despite strong international competition selected Metronik as the most suitable HVAC system integrator.

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In 25 years we have successfully finished more than 1000 projects in automation and manufacturing IT.

Metronik project teams consist of more than 70 engineering experts in automation and IT.

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