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A complete Track & Trace solution for Serialization, Aggregation and Anti-Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical industry.

MePIS GenCode is a modular software solution for Track & Trace in Serialization and Aggregation. MePIS GenCode includes Level 4 (central repository), Level 3 (plant server) and interfaces to regional hubs, CMOs, MAHs and ERP/MES systems. Through the supply of P&V systems (L0-L2), all needed integration and commissioning services including delivery of complete GMP documentation and qualification/validation testing, Metronik provides “turnkey” solution for Track & Trace.


Managing huge amounts of unique codes and production business data in real time between the central repository and P&V systems requires robust and advanced communication between serialization levels and external systems.


MePIS Gencode (a configurable modular Track & Trace software solution for Serialization and Aggregation) consists of:

    Central repository (Level 4)

  • CMO/MAH interfaces
  • Regional hubs (EU, Russia, etc.)
    Plant server (Level 3)

  • MES/ERP interfaces
  • P&V interfaces



Key features and characteristics of MePIS GenCode:


Metronik delivers:

  • Consulting services
  • Track & Trace software
  • Serialization and Aggregation P&V systems
  • System integration
  • GMP documentation
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Engineering of project management
  • Qualification testing


Combining state-of-the-art MePIS GenCode software (Level 3 – Level 4) with P&V systems, premium system integration services, GMP documentation and qualification testing, Metronik delivers turnkey solutions for Serialization and Aggregation.

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Date: 23.02.2018

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