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GE Intelligent Platforms has released a new generation of operator interface panels QuickPanel+ that combine the functionality of OI/HMI , PLC and data historian.

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Leading automotive company saves energy with MePIS Energy

Austria's leading automotive company uses Metronik's MePIS Energy as their Energy Management System.

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Pharmaceutical Industry




Since 1991, Metronik has implemented more then 150 automation as well as process and energy management control projects at Krka production sites alone. These automation systems have been integrated at all the Krka production sites in Novo mesto, Šentjernej, Ljutomer, in Croatia and Russia.

The Metronik systems provide automation and control of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation of production facilities and clean rooms, energy systems, pharmaceutical production, packing, chemical synthesis (API) etc. Since 2003 Metronik also implements and enhances a production information system in Krka which provides downtime management and measuring production efficiency rates (OEE). In the implementation of projects Metronik is fully compliant with all the regulatory requirements for the pharmaceutical industry (GMP, GAMP, 21CFR Part11).

For providing IT control and production operations Krka today has more than 300 Fix/iFix SCADA control stations in place covering more than 50,000 signals. More than 150 OPTO 22 controllers are used to control the around 15.000 I/O signals in the fields of automation of energy management and cleanrooms. Krka also uses Proficy Historian, Batch Execution and Proficy Plant Application software by GE Intelligent Platforms.





Since 1991 Metronik has completed more than 130 automation and IT process control projects at all the Lek production sites, among them Ljubljana, Mengeš, Prevalje, Lendava, Poland and Skopje, Macedonia.

Apart from supporting processes automation (air conditioning, ventilation, clean room control solutions, energy control) Metronik has implemented several projects in the field of chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical technology and batch chemical processes as well as solutions for the identification and classification of downtimes and increase in production effectiveness.

The implementation of projects is based on the latest standards and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP, GAMP, 21CFR Part11). Lek’s automation infrastructure is based on more than 100 Fix/iFix SCADA control stations, 70 OPTO 22 controllers and 55 General Electric controllers with more than 15,000 I/O signals. For its production control Lek also uses the GE Intelligent Platforms software Proficy Historian and Proficy Plant Application as well as sensors and actuators by Honeywell and Vaisala.




Metronik has completed more than 10 automation projects for pharma and API divisions in Pliva, a member of TEVA group. In 2010 a complete automation and computer control reengineering of the chemical synthesis of the strategic Azithromycin organic synthesis plant has been completed. METRONIK’s batch and process control system is based on globally leading technologies and practices and is completely compliant with international standards in the field of batch automation (GAMP5, 21CFR Part 11 and ISA S88.01) and GMP. The control and supervisory system of the batch process, including recipe and report system is based on Proficy Batch Execution, Proficy Historian and iFIX SCADA software by GE Intelligent Platforms. The automation and control system is implemented by using standard Siemens S7-400 industrial controllers.

For all of the various implemented projects Pliva uses a total of 25 iFix stations, Proficy Batch Execution software, GE PAC RC3i, GE VersaMax and Simatic S7-400 as well as Simatic S7-300 controllers managing over 25,000 I/O signals.



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Date: 22.06.2015

GE Intelligent Platforms has released a new generation of operator interface panels QuickPanel+ that combine the functionality of OI/HMI , PLC and data historian.

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In 20 years we have successfully finished more than 1000 projects in automation and manufacturing IT.

Metronik project teams consist of more than 70 engineering experts in automation and IT.

We have helped many industrial customers to decrease costs and increase operational performance of their manufacturing.